Some of these words are genuine OE words, some are neologisms, some are reconstructed old forms of placenames.
Mandatumsceattas Maundy money.
acwellan on selfmorðor = commit suicide
blod-oden = blood-making system
byrdling = tortoise
criccetmann cricketer (NE "cricket" < French criquet = "stick".)
cyleberende = cold-carrying = refrigerated.
cynereaf = royal robes. (The Hashemite dynasty does not use a crown)
cyrcelwyrdboc = "computer speech book", i.e. internet publication.
cyrcolwyrda nearohweol computer CD's.
cyrcolwyrdas computers.
cyrn- = nuclear (as in atom or biological cell) (compare German Kern-).
cyrncyððu nuclear information.
cyrnmihtofen nuclear reactor (compare German Kern-).
cyrnwæpen nuclear weapons.
efntoppwægn flatbed wagon
elpend elephant.
eorðæppel potato: compare French pommes de terre.
eorþes bred Earth's surface.
fǣr sudden attack.
fadiend (m) manager.
fatâwa Arabic plural of fatwa.
feallhleo = parachute (c.f. German Fallschirm); -ian makes verb.
feorrseond = television set.
feorrseoung = television.
fischafoc = osprey.
fleogfyrd (f) = airforce (lit. 'flying army')
flowende dolh = running sore
folcgeweald = democracy
foresittend = president
foresittendcyre = presidential elections
formanigsleand = "many-slaying"
fyrdeað = death by burning
fyrmestscealc First Minister.
fyrstæf = gun ("fire-stick")
ganggeteld tent.
ge.ánlæcung = (German) Reunification.
gecyndwita = scientist
Gemánawela (m) the Commonwealth.
gewægnas (pl) = `together-wagons' = (railway) train
gleawere = comedian
goldappelwæstm orange harvest.
guðlyftscip = "war-airship", i.e. warplane.
halig begong = religious service
handfeorrsprecungnett mobile phone network.
heahgesetl foundation, basis, (army) base.
heortcoþa = heart attack.
hloð = troop.
horh = mud.
hramma in his þrotbollan spasm of the larynx.
hrúm soot.
hwéolfét (pl.) = undercarriage of airplane
hyrnðoðor = baseball (lit. `corner-ball')
in glæse in vitro.
irenweg railway
irenweg-gewægnoð railway traim
lacnung = treatment
lagode þæt þa sceatthealdendas ne gielden þonne menn biddaþ for hira sceattum froze their bank accounts.
lahwita = lawyer
licsæscufa = body-sea's impeller = heart (poetic)
lundlaga = kidney
marc mark (coin), formerly current in England.
masjid mosque (Arabic word).
mándædstede = crime scene
mándædwyrca = criminal
mægenwerod (m) = "power-band", i.e. political party.
onlicnes = image
onlicnesgefengas photographs.
pasca = pasha (a Turkish title)
poccmaciende atorlyft blister gas.
psittacus parrot (Latin word).
rendraca substitute.
ricend regent.
rop intestine.
ropena unryne diarrhoea.
récsýl smoke-pillars = chimneys.
sacu = "a case at law". From it comes English "sake".
sceotgewer (n) = `shooting gun' [neologism based on Dutch geweer and German Gewehr, from the verb werian 'to defend']
scipfyrdoferseoung fleet review.
scol = school
scriðdraca army tank (from Icelandic skriðdreki).
scúfendtwáhwéol motorcycle.
searuscealcscip scientific advisor.
skiðan = to ski (from ON skið)
skiðung skiing (Old Norse word).
skiðungsetl ski center.
sláwend (m) brake (for slowing a vehicle).
snawslidunglic = liable to avalanches
spinnwind tornadoes.
spæc = law-case
stearcferhðlic = harshly
stered fyrspere = intercontinental ballistic missile (lit. `guided fire spear')
swæsendu (npl) = feast
swéor cousin.
sæcocc (m) cockle (shellfish).
sæfyrd = the Marines.
underforesittend = vice-president
unforwyrht = innocent
Utanlandscealc = Foreign Secretary.
waqf is a Muslim religious charity (Arabic word).
wealdere demunga Director of Public Prosecutions.
weorcleast = unemployment.
weorðende níede (pl) state of emergency.
wermód wormwood.
werþeodrihtum = human rights
weðermearc front as in weather.
wingwindend = helicopter (loan-translation from original made in Greek)
wiðhwanon My guess at a word for "from an opposing direction".
wiðoban collarbone.
woruldrum-ellorwiht space-alien.
woruldrum-fara = "space traveller", i.e. astronauts.
woruldrumman = "space man", i.e. astronaut.
woruldrúmbát space capsule.
woruldrúmréaf spacesuit.
woruldrúnscytel (m) space shuttle.
wægna fyr-ele petrol / gasoline.
wínscealc butler.
xvm, xm This and similar are by analogy of .iiiim. for `4000' in an Anglo-Saxon Chronicle entry for 457AD.
yndse (f) ounce.
ánnes = agreement
æmtignis = space
ærendwritere = journalist (lit. 'message-writer'))
þurhgong = a pass through mountains.
þyrelweg = tunnel.
þyrses feondes moðor = giant's enemy's mother = Thor's mother = the Earth, i.e. burying them to hide them.
þæs Middaneastes animere utberstenda = the Middle East's bomb disposal man (from a-niman)
ducissa Gleawceastre Duchess of Gloucester. Name from Roman name `Glevum' + OE "ceaster".
Alorhæg Alder Hey.
Alorhægseochus Alder Hey Hospital in Liverpool (UK).
Alortun Allerton (= alder farm).
Arabsæ Arabian Sea.
Ard Eoin Ardoyne. The name is Gaelic for "John's height".
Barrey in Fuðarnesse Barrow in Furness (UK) (partly Old Norse; this etymology is proved by a c.1150AD form "Fuþþernessa").
Basc Basque.
Beal Féirste Belfast (= "mouth of sandbank").
Behtzi (title of a drama) Punjabi for "dishonor".
Beornmundingahám Birmingham.
Billingaham Billingham.
Blæcburna Blackburn (Lancs).
Boterelescastel Boscastle.
Boðltun Bolton in Lancashire in England.
Boðltún þara Sanda Bolton le Sands.
Branocescumb Branscombe in Devon (UK). Branoc is an old Celtic saint; his name may mean "Little Raven".
Bretabý in Hudrædesfelde Birkby in Huddersfield (England).
Buccingahamscir Buckinghamshire.
Bugganóra Bognor Regis.
Byscehæg Bushey (Herts).
Byxewíc Beswick. The name means "box-tree dairy farm".
Bíedanfordscir Bedfordshire.
Caerleol Carlisle.
Cantwaraburh = Canterbury (= "fort of the Kent-dwellers").
Catric Catterick (from Celtic Katuraktonion = "(place of) battle ramparts").
Ceann Loch Éireann Lochearnhead. (Gaelic for "head of the Irish lake").
Celtanhamm Cheltenham.
Ceolwulfingaholm Killingholme.
Chomolungma is Tibetan name for Mount Everest
Cisseceastermynstre Chichester Cathedral.
Cornwealas ( Cornwall
Craneford Carnforth (= heron ford) in Lancashire (UK).
Cranleah in Suðrige Cranleigh in Surrey.
Cráwbeorg Crowborough in Sussex in England.
Cráwléah Crawley.
Currach an Alt Irish Gaelic name: Curraghinalt (= the plain of the cliff).
Cynesigingatun-cyneheall Kensington Palace in London.
Cyningesholt-rís Kensal Rise.
Cyningeshæþ Kings Heath.
Cyningestun an Hule [Kingston on] Hull
Cyrice-Cúþbeorht (reversed part order due to Celtic influence?) = Kirkcudbright (in SW Scotland).
Djúrabý Derby. The name is Old Norse for "animal dwelling".
Dofre Dover. From Celtic Dubrâs = "waters" = the river Dour.
Duddaleah neah Beornmundingahame Dudley near Birmingham.
Duncyrice = Dunkirk (French "Dunkerque", Flemish "Duinkerke"); also Dunchurch near Rugby.
Dunnestun Dunston near Lincoln.
Dydesburh Didsbury (= Dyde's fort).
Dùn Beartainn Scottish Gaelic name: Dumbarton (= "fort of the Britons").
Eadwineburh Edinburgh.
Ealda Baille (m) The Old Bailey. "Bailey" here comes from old French baille = "outer wall of a castle".
Ealdburh Oldbury. (= the old fort).
Ealdholme Oldham (Lancs) in England.
Ealhmundeshám Amersham.
Eastiordanum Transjordan (
Eastric Austria (from German Österreich = `Eastern Kingdom')
Eastricisc Austrian.
Eccandún Eggington.
Elpendbánsærima Ivory Coast in Africa.
Eoforwic York.
Eor River Aire (Yorkshire). The name came from Celtic.
Fas Lann Scottish Gaelic name: Faslane (= "abode/station on enclosed land").
Fileðetún neam Brycgstowe Filton near Bristol.
Folcanstan Folkestone
Fremmaleahpearrocseochus in Suðrige Frimley Park Hospital in Surrey (UK).
Friðsæ Pacific Ocean.
Fygelingas Fylingdales.
Fæfereshám Faversham in Kent. The name may mean "the smith's home".
Geanlæhtan Þeodscipas (pl.) = United Nations.
Gecoppod Ác Copdock.
Gemærepyll Marple. The name means "boundary-pool".
Gifl Yeovil in Somerset.
Gifltún Yeovilton. `Gifl' is a Celtic river name.
Gillingas = Ealing in west London: the name means "the sons or people of Gilla".
Gipeswic Ipswich.
Glascu Glasgow (Scottish Gaelic name).
Gleann na h-Eaglaise Gleneagles. The name is Gaelic for "the glen of the church".
Gleawceaster Gloucester.
Great Hæcc Great Heck near Selby.
Great Orratun neah Carleole Great Orton near Carlisle.
Grimsbý Grimsby
Gráfesende Gravesend (= the end of the grove).
Græghrycg Grayrigg.
Gyldeford Guildford.
Hæþræw Heathrow.
Hafriþveit Haverthwaite (= oat clearing).
Hagustaldesham Hexham. The name means "the home of the warrior".
Halas Owain Halesowen (= the corners of land (owned in the 13th century by a Welsh prince named) Owain).
Hamersmiþþe = Hammersmith (in west London) (the name means "smithy where hammers are made").
Hanawiella Hanwell.
Haukssætr Hawkshead (= Hawk's summer pasture)
Hearg = Harrow. (There may have been a heathen temple on the hill there, whence the name.)
Heargdún Harrowdown Hill in Oxfordshire.
Helmesléah Helmsley.
Helprícingaham Helpringham.
Helvetia Latin name of Switzerland. Or would "Swíteraland" be suitable here?
Hjapfjall Shap Fell
Hlaford Cancellarius Lord Chancellor.
Hlynnmuða Lynmouth.
Hlæwum ( Lewes in Sussex in England. The name means "the Mounds".
Hlóðvéstoft Lowestoft (Old Norse name).
Hnaki-tún Nacton, Hintlesham.
Hnoctun Nocton near Lincoln.
Holegnwuduhyllas Hollywood Hills
Holtún Holton.
Hornléah Horley.
Hundeshlæw Hounslow
Hwitearn = Whithorn (in SW Scotland).
Hygebaldesstow Hibaldstow.
Hyleford Ilford.
Hynteleshám Hintlesham.
Hæþdune on þæm Wealle Heddon on the Wall (Northumberland (UK)). The wall is Hadrian's.
Hæþfelde Hatfield.
Híd Hyde in Greater Manchester (UK). The name means "a hide of land".
Hóhtún neah Blæcburnan in Lonceasterscire Hoghton near Blackburn in Lancashire in England.
Inbhair Nis Inverness.
Khâlifascip caliphate (partly Arabic).
Khâlifat ul Masîh (Arabic) caliph (of the Ahmadi sect).
Kirkjuvág Kirkwall in the Orkney Islands; the name is Old Norse for "Church Bay".
Konungstún Coniston village in the Lake District.
Konungstúnlacu Lake Coniston in the Lake District.
Lacingahýð Lakenheath. The name means "the landing-place of those who dwell by streams".
Legeceaster-deortun = Chester Zoo.
Legeceaster Chester.
Liferpól = Liverpool. The name means "liver pool", where "liver" described the consistency of the ground. Liverpool started as a fishing village by a tidal creek, which was later made into the Old Dock, which has since been filled in.
Lincoln Lincoln.
Loidis Leeds (Yorkshire). The name is of Celtic origin.
Lonceaster Lancaster.
Lygetun Luton.
Lysarð The Lizard. `lys ardh' is Cornish for "court [on a] height".
Léofantún Levington.
Léofatun Luton.
Mameceaster Manchester.
Maol Chinn Tíre Mull of Kintyre
Medeshamstede Peterborough.
Merecewudu Marchwood (= wild-cherry wood).
Mollesléah Moseley.
Moskva (Russian name of) Moscow.
Mæneburh Membury.
Mæresea the river Mersey (the name means "Border River").
Mórdún Morden. The name means "moor hill".
Na Speirin Irish Gaelic name: Sperrin (= the spurs of rock).
Niw Hamtunscir New Hampshire.
Niwsæland New Zealand.
Norþweg Norway.
Norþwic Norwich.
Nowent Newent (Domesday Book "Noent", from a Celtic form = "new place").
Néosdún Neasden. The name means "nose[-shaped] hill".
Offatune þara Neyrnut Ufton Nervet.
Ollaþorppearroc Althorp Park.
Oslefeld = Field of Blackbirds = (translation of) Kosovo Polje.
Oxenaholm, Oxenholme.
Paddingatun Paddington.
Peterburh Peterborough.
Plymmuða Plymouth
Preosttun Preston in Lancashire.
Puttanhýðe Putney (UK).
Péachám Peckham in south London (= "peak home").
Rammtún Rampton (Notts). The name means "ram farmstead".
Readingas Reading.
Ripel River Ribble.
Rótaland = Rutland.
Sæghám Soham (Cambs.). The name means "swampy-pool homestead".
Sadolworþmór Saddleworth Moor.
Sancti Albani stow St.Albans (Hertfordshire).
Sancti Eadmundes Burh Bury St.Edmunds.
Sancti Petri burh Peterborough.
Sandbæc Sandbach
Sanddéorsigingahám Sandringham in Norfolk. The name means "sandy area belonging to Dersingham".
Sceapieg Isle of Sheppey.
Scrobbesburh Shrewsbury.
Scéaþfeld Sheffield.
Searuburh Salisbury.
Seljabý Selby.
Seolesieg Selsey.
Seolfordæl Silverdale in Lancashire (UK).
Setl Settle.
Sigariðerg Sizergh (= Sigarið's summer pasture).
Sigelhearwa = Ethiopians
Skarðaborg Scarborough. The name is Old Norse for "Skarði's fort".
Slioford Sleaford.
Slóh = Slough (Berks). The name means "marshy or muddy place".
Smeoðawic Smethwick (= the settlement of the smiths).
Stoccwiella Stockwell.
Stoctúnhæþ in Weringtúne in Legeceasterscire Stockton Heath in Warrington (= "Wier Farm") in Cheshire.
Stánhláw Stanlow in Cheshire. (The name means "stone mound"; Stanlow Point is a small low rise where there was an abbey once.)
Suðfolc Suffolk.
Suðhamtun Southampton.
Suþende Southend.
Sweoland Sweden.
Súþhalh Southall. The name means "southern nook of land".
Súþtún under Hwítstánclife Sutton under Whitestonecliff.
Tang Tong.
Tiba-ieg Tebay
Tibbingatun neah Beornmundingahame Tipton near Birmingham (UK).
Tilaford Tilford in Surrey.
Tottamæredene Todmorden.
Trymmaléah Sancti Martini Trimley St.Martin
Tæbbanleah Tabley.
Tír Eoghain Irish Gaelic name: Tyrone (= the land of Eoghan).
Túnbrycg Tonbridge in Kent.
Venezia Venice (Italian form of name).
Vinundar-mere Windermere (in the Lake District in England).
Wacufeld Wakefield (Yorkshire). The name means "festival field".
Weogorenaceaster)Worcester. The Weogoran people lived in the area, and their name may come from a Celtic word meaning "winding river".
West-Ánstíg West Anstey in Devon.
Westiordanum the West Bank (Palestine) (
WiellacumbWollacombe (in north Devon).
Wiellesdune Willesden.
Wien [German name] in Eastrice Vienna in Austria.
Wiltúnscir Wiltshire.
Windelesóra = Windsor. (The name seems to mean "Windlass Bank").
Wixabrycg Uxbridge.
Wuttuceshæddre Uttoxeter. (= Wuttuc's heath)
Wyrmholtscrubbas Wormwood Scrubbs. The name means "snake-infested wood", and later someone added "wood" again: compare the place name Beechhurst Holt Wood.
Wéstennrættas Desert Rats.
Wíðigensceaga Wythenshawe (= small willow wood).
Ántréow Aintree. The name means "[place with] one tree".
Æglesburh Aylesbury.
Ællesæcer Alsager (Cheshire (UK)).
Æppuldorleahbrycg Apperley Bridge. The name means "apple(tree) meadow".
Æscscearu Esher (Surrey).
Æsctun under Lyme Ashton-under-Lyne. "Lyme" is probably Celtic for "the elms".
Élgé Ely. The name means "eel region".
Þelu Theale (pl. = "planks").
Þorp þara de-Catt in Ligoraceasterscire Catthorpe in Leicestershire(= Thorpe which in Norman times was owned by the de Catt family)