Stories and 3D graphics pictures set in the Gerry Anderson `UFO' scenario

A summary of the `Countdown' and `TV Action' UFO comic strip episodes.

  I wrote these two stories:-
How it Ended, part 1 The public learn the truth
How it Ended, part 2 (under construction)
  I novelized these two stories from the `Countdown' comic:-
A Near Thing The aliens nearly capture Moonbase
The Snatch Foster is abducted
about the board game Distruggete Base Luna (Italian for "Destroy Moonbase")
`Straker in a tight spot'
`Encounter on the Moon' (humorous)
Roadside abduction. His dog knows enough to stay well clear.
In the country. This time Fido tried to confront more than he expected.
A nosy birdwatcher in a security area found more then he expected.
My version of Harada's ideas of a UFO's pilot's seat.
His last business trip.
View inside a UFO.
A man from another space organization visits a SHADO base.
Crossover with Star Trek.
See here for 3D graphics meshes including some UFO-related.
UFO Image Library
Moonbase '99 (in Italian)
The SHADO Library
The S.H.A.D.O. Library and Archives and U.F.O.