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I am retired; I used to work for UMIST (part of Manchester University (UK)).
All large text files on this website have been put into .html format.

Scuba diving links here. Links corrected 8 June 2008.
some 3D graphics stuff (mesh files etc) :: includes thumbnails of the objects
My latest 3D model on this site: WWII British flamethrower (Poser character, revised):
Sea Patrol stories and 3D graphics pictures. (Not set in the Australian Sea Patrol series scenario)
Mistakes in scuba diving as represented in fiction
some software that I wrote
NASC: a chronicle of current events in Anglo-Saxon in the style of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle.
Wikipedia (the on-line encyclopedia) in Anglo-Saxon
miscellaneous temporary stuff
Sound files: hobnailed boot footsteps, single and as a series, zipped
An alternative ending to the Game of Thrones series, starts with links to Game of Thrones fan-fiction videos written by other people. I sometimes update or lengthen this story, so this story should be re-read once in a while.
Cyvasse :: a chess-like game played in the Game of Thrones / World of Ice and Fire scenario
Science fiction matter that I wrote:-
A Dan Dare story that I wrote: part 1; part 2; some etymological notes about placenames that occur in these 2 stories; . . . part 1 with the Anglo-Saxon matter in
A story about what might have happened at Heathrow if the airport was not built; notes
some Ghostbusters stories (about 312 Kbytes) (all now in .html format)
The Spaceman with Plutonium Cylinders (nearly 1.25 megabytes)
40-frame picture story set in the Rogue Trooper scenario
A short Star Trek story
some Tolkien stories and articles etc
some Harry Potter stories
some Transformers stories
some stories & 3D art set in the Gerry Anderson `UFO' scenario
There is some in The SHADO Library (which is about the Gerry Anderson `UFO' series; more links there)
"How flying came to Ringway" (a humorous poem that I wrote)
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