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- If you use two letters to represent , please insert a dot where you want ae or th or dh to stay separate, e.g. in {a.eode} = "went away", {gebed.hus} = "prayer-house". To say that a vowel is long, put a _ (an underline) after it. I will normalize the spelling as I insert the item.
- Please if possible give dates for events, including the day or range of days. (Note that the event may have happened a day or two before you read or heard of it.)
- Please be concise, as my WWW space is limited.
- (underlined) means long , in matter written before Unicode started.
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- NASC was originated by the Englisc List: to join the Englisc List, write an e-mail to : write this command: "sub englisc" (without quotes) and your name after it on the same line.
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Some OE words and names used
Anglo-Saxon-related links
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The Englisc List: an email group that discusses writing in Anglo-Saxon
An online Old English Course in Calgary
Bill Schipper's Glossary
Michel van der Hoek's Glossary #
Carl T. Berkhout's Glossary
Ergane (a set of dictionaries between Esperanto and many natural languages including Old English)
News - Tdunga edited by James R.Johnson.
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